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Release Notes: UX Betterment, Added Payload and Data Exports

3rd March 2020

Spring is here: the right reason to clear out and review the work done.

We keep enhancing our portal. And prepare for you a list of the most significant updates.


List of Changes

UX Betterments

We have audited the Account Settings section and removed all unnecessary options and settings.

We linked documentation to your version of the portal. Find its icon in the right top corner of the dashboard.

Also, now you can switch to the Russian or Ukrainian localisation in your profile settings and feel confident about using them because our team has completed all translation tasks.


Expanded Transaction Overview

We added a bunch of fields to the transaction overview. The most important of these is the payload object which contains data about the client's IP, tokenisation and payment card (non-secure data such as a mask, a brand of card association, and an expiry date).

Payment overview

Payload object

Transaction Data Exports

Added tools for exporting data for Payments and Payouts.

To use them, filter the appropriate transactions and then export to .csv or .xlsx formats. You can use and combine any filters of your choice. Just remember that test data are available only in the test mode (and vice versa—for the live transactions).

Export creation

Find the list of all created exports' tasks and files in the separate 'Exports' section.

List of Export Files

Bug Fixes

We put much attention on our platform's improvements and, is as often the case, we found several bugs and needed to fix them. You won't be troubled with them!

Stay tuned, so we bring you good news again!