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Basic Concepts

How Do Payouts Work

Payout Flow

  1. The starting point is the creation of a request for payout (Payout Invoice) and indication all necessary payment details in the invoice. We validate data at the initial level and save the payout invoice as successfully created.

  2. We forward request to the payout gateway where check the funds in the account. If the other requirements of the payment provider are met, the payout is accepted for processing. The invoice gets processed status.

  3. During processing, automatically sends Callbacks to check the payment status. You get Callbacks with statuses via API to the Dashboard and the specified Callbacks URL.

  4. Funds are written off from your currency account and credited to the recipient's account.

Payout Settings


Payout Method is the way that the merchants can refund customers, pay suppliers, withdraws and transfer funds.

Payout Service is a virtual entity that displays the payout method linked with the specific currency.

Payout Methods

Find a list of all available payout methods in Account SettingsPayouts: Methods . Here you can enable, disable or delete the methods used, and add new ones.

Payout Methods

Are there no available methods for payouts, or not enough methods connected?

Send a request to our support to connect and configure the required methods and services.

Payout Services

Since each payout method may have one or more services available for payouts in different currencies, they are configured separately. In the Payout Services tab, you can enable access to the service, as well as view the limit values of the sum of one payout and the formulas of fee calculation.

Payout Services

Payout Options

The general settings for all payout methods are in the Payouts: Payout options section.

Payout Options

Options to display the payment fee when creating pre-requests via Public API: the following options do not affect the actual payment fee of the service.

  • Zero-fee badge: the fee displays as zero
  • Fee details: displays detailed fee data

Processing options:

  • Allow partially: enable transaction splitting
  • Invoice lifetime: set in minutes, maximum period—2,880 minutes (2 days))